Lightroom Synchronize Folders not working with Auto Import

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I never had a problem with synchronizing folders until I started to use Auto Import. If I have Auto Import enabled (File > Auto Import > Enable) the Synchronize Folder feature is gone from the right-click menu and grayed out in the menus. However, if I turn Auto Import off then quit and reopen Lightroom it works again. I have no idea why it is like this but it seems to work. The folder I have set for auto import and the one I was trying to sync are completely unrelated. I am sure the problem is related because I noticed the Synchronize Folder was not working right after I turned Auto Import on and have tried the above strategy multiple times to confirm.

All I can figure is Lightroom may not be capable of doing both types of folder syncing at the same time since the features are similar in what they do. It still seems quite odd and is very frustrating. I have seen other, much more complicated workarounds online. I think it is helpful to know because this may not be the only instance of enabling one feature causing another to break.